Laptop Recycling Made Easy

Recycle laptops, get instant cash

For all your laptop recycling needs, and any other devices like phones, tablets, PCs, we offer instant cash. What’s more, we pick up your laptops for recycling for FREE! Yes, it’s that easy!

    Who Should Recycle Laptops

    We recycle laptops and gadgets for free for all types of users, whether you are a professional or a home user.
    University and School Laptop Recycling

    If your educational institute is searching for the best option to recycle laptops and PCs, then CashForUsedLaptop.com offers you the most profitable deal. Just call or contact us by filling out the form below for recycling your laptops. We pick up your laptops for recycling for FREE!

    Recycling Laptops of Offices and Companies

    Did we tell you that we offer free pick up from offices, companies and organizations for recycling laptops and PCs? That’s right. We make it easy and FREE for you to recycle your laptops and other gadgetry, especially for bulk recycling laptops.

    Homes and Household Laptop Recycling

    Even if you are an individual at home or a group (community, charity, friends, etc.), looking to recycle laptops, we cater to your needs too. Just collect all your gadgets like phones, printers, PCs and laptops for recycling, and contact us to come and pick them up, for FREE!

    More Reasons for Recycling Laptops with Us

    • Data Protection: We always make sure to format all hard drives or storage memories are wiped clean of data before recycling your laptops.
    • Ethical Laptop Recycling: By recycling your electronic devices like laptops, PCs, and phones you are saving them from ending up in landfills. Recycle them to extend their shelf-lives.
    • Free Shipping Label: We provide you with pre-paid shipping labels for all items including phones, PCs and laptops recycling. We handle all the shipping cost.
    • Free Pickup from Doorsteps: We have a team on board to pick up loads of computers, laptops, iPhone, iPad and tablets for recycling for free. All you have to do is call us.

    How to Recycle Your Laptops and Other Devices Quickly

    If you are thinking about recycling your laptops or any other electronic devices quickly, then you’ve come to the right place. At CashforUsedLaptop we recycle all types of devices for FREE. All you have to do is follow these 3 steps.

    Get Instant Quote

    Send us details about your computer equipment for recycling whether single unit or in bulk to get instant quote. We have special rates for corporate computer recycling.

    Send Your Device

    After you agree on a quote, we send you shipping labels for free to send us your device or laptop for recycling. If the quantity is large then we can send a team for free pickup.

    Get Paid Fast

    After our professional team check your devices, and approve, we pay you instant cash for your laptops and/or computer within 24 hours. It’s that easy!

    What are you waiting for? Contact us now for recycling your laptops and gadgets!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s simple. You need the cash, we want to buy your laptop. Win-win situation here. Moreover, we are a team of professionals who have been in the business of laptop recycling for over 10 years. We deal in all kinds of laptop recycling, countrywide. Thousands of customers trust our service and have received cash for used laptop recycling.

    The short answer is as soon as you send it to us. Typically, it takes a couple of hours for us to check your laptop and give you a quote. However, depending how soon you send it to us, logistics and what type of issues your laptop has, we might require a bit more time to diagnose the issues. We will of course inform you all about it.

    No problem. We will send you back your laptop, PC, or device without delay.
    However, generally, if you feel that the quote we give is not to your expectations, we can always discuss about it. Only when YOU agree to the price do we process your order.

    Not at all. We offer free pick up because we have a team of professionals who specializes in this type of work. Our fleet is always ready for bulk computer recycling. This way you can be sure that your devices are in good hands. If you still have questions just ask away by filling the form above.

    Almost all brands. From Apple laptops to Dell, HP to Lenovo, we accept all types of brands for recycling. You can of course check for sure if we accept your laptop brand for recycling here. Just enter your brand name and press search.

    Still have questions?

    Just fill out the form below.