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For all your laptop recycling needs, and any other devices like phones, tablets, PCs, we offer instant cash. What’s more, we pick up your laptops for recycling for FREE! Yes, it’s that easy!

University and School Laptop Recycling

If your educational institute is searching for the best option to recycle laptops and PCs, then CashForUsedLaptop.com offers you the most profitable deal. Just call or contact us by filling out the form below for recycling your laptops. We pick up your laptops for recycling for FREE!

Recycling Laptops of Offices and Companies

Did we tell you that we offer free pick up from offices, companies and organizations for recycling laptops and PCs? That’s right. We make it easy and FREE for you to recycle your laptops and other gadgetry, especially for bulk recycling laptops.

Homes and Household Laptop Recycling

Even if you are an individual at home or a group (community, charity, friends, etc.), looking to recycle laptops, we cater to your needs too. Just collect all your gadgets like phones, printers, PCs and laptops for recycling, and contact us to come and pick them up, for FREE!

More Reasons for Recycling Laptops with Us

Data Protection: We always make sure to format all hard drives or storage memories are wiped clean of data before recycling your laptops.
Free Shipping Label: We provide you with pre-paid shipping labels for all items including phones, PCs and laptops recycling. We handle all the shipping cost.

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