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Where and How to Sell a Gaming Laptop?

Have an old gaming laptop you no longer need? Is it just laying around your home or in the garage waiting for something to happen?

If you do, why do you keep it uselessly? Why don’t you sell it?

Seriously, you can sell your used gaming laptop online for cash and make some money from it! Do you know there are many people who are looking for a used laptop? Many of them don’t want to spend or don’t have a lot of money on a brand new gaming laptop. Some are novices in gaming and are looking for a laptop to practice their skills. And, then, some people service computers, make them look like new, and re-sell them at a lower price.

By selling your device to someone who needs one, you will not only get rid of it but will also make some cash. Actually, you can make some really good cash, depending on your laptop’s condition and performance. Some gaming models go as high as $700 – $1.000. Pretty amazing, huh?

So what are you waiting for?!

Oh, yeah, you don’t know what to do.

In that case, keep on reading as we explain everything on where and how you can sell gaming laptop.

Top 5 Sites to Sell Your Gaming Laptop

Before you decide where and how to recycle old laptop, you have to consider why you are selling it. is it because you don’t use it anymore although it’s in good condition? or maybe because it’s broken?

Knowing where to sell your used laptop and which site to choose is most important because of the amount you can get for it and the selling speed. Namely, on Craigslist, you will have to wait longer until you find someone to get interested in your product. The lack of interest, in turn, results in a lower price. And, the idea is to get as much money as you can, right?

To help you out with this, here we list the top 5 sites where you can sell your gaming laptop fast and for good cash.

1. eBay

With over 170 million active users, selling on this giant selling site is fast and worth it. But the speed of selling items is not the only reason for choosing it. There’s also the option to set a fixed price or set a minimum bidding price and let those interested in buying it bid for it. The bidding might actually get you more than you would’ve sold it for. Moreover, the platform is incredibly easy to use since they’ve made many changes, making it much simpler for sellers to list products. And, there’s a very useful feature for setting a price, if you decide to set a fixed price.

2. Amazon

This site doesn’t require any introduction as it’s the largest internet retailer in the world. And being the largest one makes it perfect for selling a used gaming laptops even if you have a HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Dk Gtx 1650 Series Laptop you can sell it here. First, because it gives you plenty of choices when it comes to buyers as there are people from all over the world. Second, because selling on it is very simple and straightforward for sellers, especially if a laptop like the one you want to sell has already been sold on the site. But even if it wasn’t, setting up an account and listing the product is easy.

3. Facebook Marketplace

While we don’t recommend selling on Craigslist because it’s a platform for selling locally, hence you’ll have to wait for a long time for someone to get interested in your product, we do recommend Facebook Marketplace. It’s because Facebook is reliable, unlike Craigslist where scammers are often present and in a big number. Plus, buyers can pay directly on Facebook via PayPal and credit or debit cards if they and the seller agree on that.

4. Swappa

Swappa is similar to eBay as they have a strong and easy-to-use platform. What makes them great for selling used laptops and other tech devices is that they give you an estimated selling price. Also, they don’t charge any fees per sale. Sound worth trying!

5. Gazelle

The last one on our list is Gazelle, a site similar to, both, eBay and Swappa in terms of giving an estimated price for your used device. It’s great for those who want to sell their laptop very fast. however, compared to Swappa, this one offers a lower estimated price. As they claim, they cover the shipping and send a shipping box to your home. the good thing about this company is that they also have drop-off kiosks (depending on the location), which means you don’t have to spend money on shipping your product. How convenient!


Sell your laptop to us!

If you don’t want to bother with listing your product, cleaning it, servicing it, and paying additional fees to the site like eBay and Amazon as well as for shipping, you can sell gaming laptop online for cash it us. We accept all kinds of gaming laptops, either working or non-working. You don’t have to worry about its condition nor clean it. we’ll take it as it is and will take care of it. Plus, you can rest assured that none of your data (although hard disks are formatted, sometimes, files can be retrieved) will be misused or shared with someone else.

How to Sell Your Gaming Laptop?

Ok, so we’ve covered all the things related to where to sell gaming laptop. Now, it’s time to look at how you can sell it. This part includes two sub-sections, one about what you need to do before you sell it and the other about how to list your product online. Let’s check these things out!

How to Prepare Your Used Gaming Laptop for Selling?

Selling a gaming laptop, or any other type of laptop for that matter, isn’t just “format it, turn it off, and that’s all” kind of process. On the contrary, there are several things you need to consider in order to protect your privacy and make sure none of your data falls into someone else’s hands. The ideal way is to clear your gaming laptop before selling or recycling it.

Back-Up Your Data

First and foremost, you need to make sure all your data is transferred to another device, such as a USB drive or an external HDD, to make sure you still have it once you erase your laptop’s hard disk. You can do that in three different ways:

  • Transfer to another computer– If you have another computer, you only need a cable to transfer your files, apps, and games to it.
  • Transfer to an external device– If you don’t have another device but still want the safety of having your data stored locally, you can transfer all your files to an external device. You can use a USB drive or an external HDD, depending on how much space you need.
  • Back up to the cloud– The process is extremely simple and smooth as all you need to do is select all files/apps/games you want to back up and choose the backup option. Keep in mind that the exact method differs from one cloud service to another.

Back-Up Your Game Settings and Data

After you’ve backed up any data you’ve stored on your laptop, it’s time to back up your game settings. This is a crucial part if you plan to continue playing your games. How you do that depends on the game clients/apps you use. For instance, Steam, Origin, and other game clients automatically back up your settings and other data to their cloud service. Hence, you don’t need to back up anything manually.

However, if you want to check if everything is synched, follow these steps before you sell your gaming laptops like Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 Gtx 1650 Gaming Laptop:

  • For Steam, go to Steam > Settings > Cloud > Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Applications Which Support It and ensure it’s checked.
  • For EPIC Games Store, go to Settings and check Enable Cloud Saves.
  • For Origin, hover over your profile picture > Application Setting > Installs and Saves > toggle Saves on under Cloud Storage.

Sign Out and Remove Your Accounts from the Laptop

Here’s a very important step that every gamer has to take before selling gaming laptops like Alienware 15 R3 Gtx 1080 Series laptop. You have to sign out from all the accounts you’ve been using on your device and remove them from it to ensure no one accesses your gaming profiles and keep using your profile(s) from your new laptop without any issues or interruptions during the game, which happens if someone else logs in and uses your account.

Let’s see how you can do this with the most common accounts.

Microsoft/Xbox account:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account, if you aren’t already.
  • Devices menu > Your devices
  • Look for your laptop
  • Click the Remove link
  • Click “I’m ready to remove this device” > Remove
  • When the confirmation page appears, click Back to Devices.
  • Sign out of your account.

Delete your Xbox profile:

  • Settings > System > Storage > All Devices > Gamer Profiles.
  • Select the gamer tag you want to delete and click Delete.
  • Select one of these:
  • Delete Profile Only – if you want to delete your profile but keep the saved games and achievements.
  • Delete Profile – if you want to delete everything.

Steam account:

  • Steam > Settings > Account > Manage Steam Guard Account Security > De-authorize all other devices now.
  • Sign out from your account.


  • Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > Origin > Uninstall.
  • When the warning appears, click Uninstall

If you use other apps, you’ll have to follow the steps for their de-authorization before you sell used gaming laptops like Razer Blade 15 Intel Core I7 10th Gen Rtx 2060 Gaming laptop. However, the process is the same: access your app account, remove/de-authorize your device, and sign out from your account.

Wipe Your Hard Disk

Apart from deleting the accounts (email, apps, games) you’ve used on your gaming laptop, you should also delete all your personal data.  You can do this by resetting/ formatting your hard disk. And, how you do that, depends on the operating system it uses.

Windows 10:

  • Start > Settings > Update and Security
  • Recovery menu > Reset this PC > Get Started
  • Click Remove everything > Change settings > Turn on the Data erasure toggle switch.

If you have more drives, check the “Data drives” option to erase all drives. If you have an external device connected, detach it, and then click Confirm > Next > Reset.


  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL or click Restart from the Start menu to restart your laptop.
  • Press Esc, Shift, F11, or F12 during the startup open the GRUB Recovery Mode.
  • Select Restore Ubuntu (the OS version) to factory state
  • Click Restore Ubuntu partitions > Continue
  • When the resetting in complete, you’ll see the System Configuration screen.
  • After the process is completed, choose your language and click Continue.

How to Prepare a Broken Gaming Laptop for Selling?

Ok, so we’ve covered the most important parts of how to ensure no one accesses your data. But, what if your laptop doesn’t work? What happens then? Suppose you want to sell Msi Ge65 Gtx 1660 Ti Series laptop, the things we’ve mentioned above don’t count when you can’t turn on your device.

You may probably think “If it doesn’t work, no one will be able to access the data”. Wrong! Your data is still there, on your hard disk, and it doesn’t matter that your laptop is broken because the hard disk isn’t. Actually, when a computer malfunctions, it has nothing to do with the hard disk but the motherboard or the power supply. And, these things can be replaced or fixed in some cases. Therefore, YES, anyone who knows how to do it, can access your data.

So, how can you prevent this from happening? How can you delete all data from your broken laptop before you can sell your gaming laptop?

There are 2 ways:

Remove the Hard Disk

If your laptop doesn’t work, you have to take out and connect it to another, working, computer using a USB or SATA cable. Once you do this, just follow the steps we’ve already described above. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your data can’t be retrieved, which is why you need to use a third-party hard disk eraser app. Some of the most popular are DBAN, Kill Disk, and Eraser.

And while this works if you have an additional computer to connect the hard disk to, it doesn’t work if you don’t have one. In this case, you have to use a standalone hard disk eraser.

Using a Hard Disk Eraser

Let us tell you immediately that these standalone hard disk erasers are expensive. So, if you don’t service computers, it’s not worth investing in something you will use once or a couple of times in your life. Therefore, it’s better to borrow one from a friend if you want to do this yourself, otherwise, you can simply take your laptop to a PC service and let them do the work for you.

But, if you really want to do this yourself, either by buying an eraser or borrowing it, some of the best ones are Drive eRazer Ultra, Eraser Dock, and StarTech’s USB Hard Drive Duplicator. And, although it sounds complex, using this type of hardware is simple. Actually, it’s the easiest way to completely wipe the hard disk of your laptop.

Check Your Laptop

Now that we’ve covered all the technical stuff you need to do before you sell gaming laptop, it’s time to look at the thing you need to check.

Check the Display

The display is one of the first things a user notices on a device. That’s why you need to check to see if it’s ok or not. If there are some dead pixels, discolorations, scratches, blemishes, or other spots, see if you can take care of them.

Namely, dead pixels, discolorations, and scratches can’t be fixed. If they are minor and don’t affect the quality of the image, you can leave them but make sure you mention them when you list the product for sale. However, if they do affect the image, you can either replace the screen with a new one or sell laptop at a much lower price, probably to a PC service or a person who services laptops.

If the screen has spots, dirt, and or other blemishes that can be removed, make sure you clean them well. You just need a wet wipe to clean them and make your gaming laptop look more like new-like.

Test the Hard Disk

The hard disk is the core of the laptop, so you must check it and test to see if it works well or there are some faults. Usually, you can hear a weird noise coming from the hard drive area if it’s not working properly, especially if your laptop is older. However, it’s best to test it with an app like HDDScan, Seagate SeaTools, DiskCheckup, and similar.

Test the Memory

Speaking of the hard disk, you should also test its memory to know exactly how much free space your laptop has so that you can include that info in the listing. You can do this very easily on your own by using free apps like Memtest or the Windows memory diagnostic tool.

Test the Connections and the Ports

Laptops rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as main connection methods. No laptop today functions without Wi-Fi since every user wants to be connected to the Internet, and this goes for gamers too. So, make sure you test these and other connections to see if they work properly.

Also, you need to check if the USB, audio, and video ports work. You can test them by plugging in an external device, like a USB or a cable to connect your laptop to a monitor.

Check the Charger and Test the Battery Life

These two things go hand in hand, so we have to mention them together here. After all, you can’t check if they both work unless you use them both. So, plug in your laptop to a power plug to check if the charger is working and the laptop is charging. Also, check if the power jack loses connection when you move the laptop around or not. And, if the battery or the charger doesn’t work, it’s best to replace it to get a higher price.

Delete the Passwords

These passwords have nothing to do with your accounts but refer to the passwords you’ve used for the BIOS and User/Administrator. If you don’t delete them, your laptop will be useless.

List Your Gaming Laptop

Regardless of which site you’ve chosen to sell your gaming laptop on, you should write a good product listing. It should include:

  • Heading – containing the laptop’s name, series, and OS.
  • Product description – containing all specifications, such as OS version, apps that it supports, gaming features and accessories (if there are any), and its condition.
  • Good-quality photos from the laptop and its serial number
  • Shipping information – include that you ship only to confirmed addresses and that you don’t accept delivery trucks from the buyer.
  • Price – choose a price that reflects your laptop’s condition and gaming features.

Sell Your Gaming Laptop to Recycle.

If you don’t feel like waiting for someone to get interested in your product or your laptop is broken, you can sell your gaming laptop to us. We accept laptops of all brands, types, and conditions. And, we pay a fair price based on the laptops’ type, performance, and condition.

Hence, you won’t have to bother creating accounts on sites like eBay, reading their seller guides, write a product listing, and wait for days, weeks, and even months for someone to buy it. You can simply contact us, let us know briefly about your laptop (but be honest!), and we’ll let you know about the price. If everything’s ok, we’ll take care of the rest!

Did I mention we accept broken computers and pay you for them?! Yes, we do!

Plus, you don’t have to bother about your privacy because we make sure everything is wiped out and never restored.

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