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eBay vs. CashforUsedLaptop – Who should you sell to?


Cash for Used Laptop

Type of platform

Generic platform to sell all types of products

Dedicated platform for selling laptops and gadgets

Who you sell to

Facilitates sellers and buyers for a commission

Directly sell to buyer for cash

Hidden costs

Charges seller’s fee for listing and selling cost

No additional cost or fee

Customer Returns

A customer can return your laptop for any reason. At times with dents and scratches for a full refund.

We buy your laptop.


Takes side of customer if they claim refund without consent of seller

Seller can cancel anytime with fair advance notification at no charge

Shipping options

Chosen by seller

Drop off, UPS pick up



Up to $100 coverage for damages during transportation


Buyer’s competitive market pricing

Fair price estimation system based on condition of device

Customer support

Generic account related customer support

Customer support for all types of gadget and laptop queries


Terms and policy set for operating on platform, not related to pricing

Allows seller to get revised and updated quotes

Customer reach





Newly established and trusted

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing across the globe. If you think about it, most of the major billion dollar companies today are associated with technology in one way or the other. Take Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or eBay for examples here. The last two rank among the two biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. There are a lot of people who prefer to purchase computers, laptops and smartphones from these sellers.

eBay in particular, has a wide audience and is used by many people who are looking to sell their gadgets as well. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more aware about the increasing e-waste problem and there is also a high demand for refurbished laptops. So you will find that it has become quite common to sell an old or used laptop on a credible platform.

Sometimes, it can be quite confusing to figure out where or who should you sell your laptop to. At the end, you want to get a good deal and make sure that you avoid scams. In case you are looking for a reliable place for your computer, you can consider options such as CashforUsedLaptop. While, it is fairly recent, the platform is quickly becoming popular among users who want to sell their laptops for a reasonable price.


eBay Or CashforUsedLaptop?

eBay has a lot of factors going for it. The ecommerce giant has global consumer base of millions and reported 1.7 billion listings of products in 2021. This basically means that people can find a high number of sellers in any category, particularly for electronics and gadgets. You might be thinking about selling your laptop through eBay as the company has a transparent process and has easy shipping as well.

Generic vs dedicated platform

Now, while there are many people who use the platform to buy and sell products conveniently, it is always good to explore your choices and research carefully. If you take CashforUsedLaptop, the business solely focuses upon electronics which include laptops, smartphones and iPads. It works on a different model than eBay and aims to reduce e-waste by preventing old computers from ending up as landfill.

Trade in vs sell for cash

The company buys used gadgets from you directly which means that people don’t have to consider the regulations of platforms such as in the case of eBay. Other than that, CashforUsedLaptop also promotes the reuse and recycling of old laptops by giving cash in return for them. So if you need money in a short span of time or want to upgrade your computer, you can easily sell the old one and get paid after delivery.

You can find quite a few platforms for trade-in and eBay is among the top ranking ones. But you need to consider that getting a good price could be slightly challenging with such a company. Since the competition in most categories is quite tough, you may end up selling your laptop at a lower cost.


Who Should You Sell Your Laptop to?

In order to make a well-informed decision, you should be aware of the pros and cons of both eBay and CashforUsedLaptop, and also find out how they operate. This way, it becomes easier to look for good deals and sell the laptop at the desired price. Before we talk about the advantages and drawbacks on selling on both the platforms, let’s take a look at the way they work.


How to Sell on CashforUsedLaptop

This platform has a very quick and simple process for selling. It requires minimal effort and you can get an estimated quote quickly. CashforUsedLaptop has a different model or structure than eBay for its users. If you choose to sell here, then all you have to do is enter the details of say, your Lenovo laptop or MacBook to sell and get a price for it.

In order to make a sale, users need to take the following steps:

  • Pick the Laptop Category: When you are selling your laptop, you should pick the category at the top and choose the brand and model accordingly.
  • Get an estimate instantly: Users can enter the relevant information and details to get a quote immediately.
  • Choose a free shipping option: After the price has been accepted, the company sends a free label shipping for UPS or USPS. You can print or attach it to the box of your laptop.
  • Wait for assessment: After the laptop is received, the business makes sure that it is assessed by technicians for any problems or issues.
  • Receive payment: If the laptop passes all the checks and matches the condition described by the seller, the money is transferred via PayPal or Venmo within hours.

It is important for you to choose shipping options that are convenient and available within your location. You can also drop the laptop off to an office or to a UPS pickup place that is nearby. CashforUsedLaptop offers insurance for up to a $100 in case of damage or issues during transportation. However, it is always a good idea to pack up the laptop carefully for shipping.

You should also know that there are no additional fees or costs for selling the device to the CashforUsedLaptop. Since their mission is to minimize carbon footprint and encourage recycling of laptops, they don’t charge their customers any money.


How to Sell On eBay

The process of selling on eBay is fairly simple but when you want to sell a laptop on eBay, it is important to become familiar with the regulations and policies of the marketplace. With electronics and gadgets such as laptops, you need to gain an understanding of the guidelines so that you can connect with authentic buyers and maintain the listing.

Once you are aware of the dos and don’ts, the next step is to register on the platform. Here is what you can do to make your sale:

  • Choose the type of account: eBay has two kinds of accounts for sellers, business and personal. Users can pick according to the items they want to sell. If you are looking to make a sale of laptops in bulk, then it is better to choose a business account.
  • Select preferences: People need to adjust the preferences such as shipping, payment options, return policies and communication accordingly.
  • Set up a listing: To sell the item, you have to fill out a quick or advanced listing form with the details of your products. So for electronics, you can pick keywords and add all the specifications like brand, model, color and condition.
  • Make the sale: Users are also required to choose an option for selling such as auction or fixed pricing. To complete the sale, it is important to finalize the shipping information as well.


Pay Additional Costs

When you are selling through eBay, you should know that the ecommerce platform charges a seller’s fee for the listings. This is supposed to be paid on both business and personal accounts. You will also be charged a small amount when the product is sold to the buyer. If you are looking to avoid such additional costs, it is best to sell directly to the company.

Should You Sell to CashforUsedLaptop?

This business is different from the other e-commerce platforms like eBay, and is slowly making a name in the market. If you choose to sell your used or old laptop here, you should consider all the pros and cons before first. The company has been set up to provide people with a way to recycle and dispose of their e-waste safely instead of throwing them away.


Pros of selling to CashforUsedLaptop

There are a lot of advantages that you could get as a seller on this platform.

  • No Selling Fees

This is one of the biggest pros of the online business and can certainly help sellers get a good deal on their laptops. There are no hidden or selling fees which have to be paid to CashforUsedLaptop. Unlike eBay, you can just get the cash for your device as decided in the beginning.

  • Free Shipping

The company provides users with a free shipping label that is generated when the quote has been accepted. It helps the user drop off their box easily and avoid paying additional shipping charges.

  • Fair Pricing

If you enter the details of your laptop and make sure that they are transparent, then you will have no problem in getting a good price for the device. CashforUsedLaptop has a fixed pricing system where an estimate is generated instantly when you fill the form.

  • Responsive Customer Support

In case you do not have the information about the make and model of your laptop, you can get in touch with the customer representative and report the problem. They will come up with a solution and send you a quote accordingly.

  • Make Changes To Information Easily

The platform makes it easy for their sellers to get a revised or updated quote if there are any mistakes in the information or specifications entered. Once you send the laptop for assessment, the team examines it and matches the condition and details that have been mentioned by the seller. If you made an error or want to request a revised quite accordingly, you will be send one after an inspection.

At the end, selling on CashforUsedLaptop is a quick and easy process that allows you more flexibility to during the transaction. Since the business deals with the seller directly, people do not have follow any particular rules or regulations.


Do Sellers Have To Pay Cancellation Charges?

If you choose to sell your laptop to CashforUsedLaptop, you don’t have to worry about changing your mind later on. The business makes it easy for sellers to cancel the order or transaction in case of a problem. In case the shipping label has been sent but the person did not send their device to the company, they can just consider the sale cancelled.

Otherwise, you can always get in touch with their representatives via email and update them about the changes. Mostly, there are no hidden charges to request a cancellation of the sale.


Should You Sell on eBay?

By now, you may have an idea about the selling process of eBay. Just as it is with everything else, you should consider both the pros and cons of the ecommerce platform before making a choice. eBay is a recognized name in the tech and retail industry, and has been around since 2005. It can certainly provide you with various options for selling your laptop or other electronic items.


Pros of Selling on eBay

Let’s take a look at some of the positives of this marketplace and how it helps sellers around the world connect with consumers.

  • Wide Reach

Since the company is recognized globally, it provides access to a wider consumer base and allows sellers to engage consumers from different places. People can choose to set prices or offers according to their location and shipping costs.

  • Credible and Trustworthy

With eBay, people don’t have to worry about establishing trust or credibility with the audience. Since the buyers are on the platform rely on it to sell authentic products, they are more likely to make purchases from individuals. The company also has loyal customers that keep on returning to buy gadgets and accessories regularly.

  • Create Awareness

By selling on eBay, there is a higher chance to create awareness and attract new customers as well. Sellers who are putting up items frequently or making a sale in bulk can tell more people about their business. They may also return to buy more than once from an individual seller too.


Cons of Selling on eBay

Given the pros, there are also a few drawbacks that you may find of selling on eBay which should be kept in mind.

  • Customer is Always Right

The platform has policies that protect both the seller and buyer. Sometimes, they may be more in favor of the customer. If you sell on eBay and there is a complaint against the product, you can expect to receive a warning or restrictions on your account.

  • Refund Rules

You have no way of making sure that you get your product back if the customer claims a refund. eBay just refunds the money without checking if the item has reached the seller in case of a problem. So you could end up losing money and not making a sale on the platform.

  • Highly Competitive

Due to the number of buyers, the competition is very tough and sellers can find it difficult to engage customers successfully. There can always be someone selling the same item at a lower price.


Final Verdict

In the end, you should pick an option that has a hassle free process and can make it easier for you to sell your laptop without any costs or refund issues. CashforUsedLaptop allows sellers transparency and makes sure that they sell their laptop quickly.

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